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Study with me in Spain or schedule a private online session.

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Wisdom of the Body- Individual lessons

These are eight individual lessons ranging from 10-20 minutes on each part of the body going from head to foot. I talk you through each series at a slow pace and you have time to hear the theory with the practice at the same time. The main idea is to take you through the whole body in 8 discreet parts going from head to foot. I would recommend the series as a prerequisite to studying any yoga or martial art as they prepare your body for pretty much anything.

I am presently pricing each lesson at 15.95 each. They can be downloaded from Dropbox, or sent on stick drive or through a pin number to access youtube private settings. If sent on a stick drive I will add postage. Just email me at to get the first one.

***Several people have asked about my old material and this is also available if there is anything particular you recall wanting…just email me with your interest. These include overviews of old Hsing-I (non Wu-shu) and Ba-gua as well as work on Celtic Wrestling, Hoplite Training and Yoga as applied to Martial Arts.


Complete Wisdom of the Body DVDs (these are ongoing projects so if you order one you may get two versions of everything).

  1. WoB 1, 2,3. 45.00 U.S. (these include floor, standing and moving work).


2. Hatha Yoga for Martial Arts – (Being primarily variations on the Sun salutation which was historically and originally in Indian Wrestling and later brought into Hatha Yoga).


3. Hsing-I ¬†Elements-A look at the Five Elements or “Fists” of which make up the foundation of the Traditional Chinese Infantry Art called “Hsing-I” or “Form-Intent”. The timing and application of these movements is gone into in some detail.



***Recently I have been doing Skype sessions-if you are interested in this send me an email at—