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Study with me in Spain or schedule a private online session.

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I can be reached at the following email

If you are interested in training advice, individual or group training I can schedule a Skype session and develop a program specific to your needs or wants. My rates depend on the amount of time allowed for the consultation. I work with school teachers and children, therapists of all kinds; physical and psychological, Doctors of all kinds, bodyguards and policemen, soldiers and even archeologists and historians – on any branch of knowledge ┬ápertaining to the physical body. I also do a lot of work with martial arts people and yoga practitioners. I work with conventional methods and institutions and also non conventional methods and approaches. One simply never knows what will work best til one enters the process of training and experimentation. I am continuing to learn as I go. I have been teaching for 30 years but have not finished studying or learning. My rates vary according to travel rates and time demands and what the client offers me in return and the urgency of their need. Although my work is often humanitarian it is not missionary work. If you are looking for novelty, entertainment or a way to break you own boredom do not contact me. If you are a serious student of physical and mental training and believe it is important in your life and you are willing to invest time, effort and money into your own development then contact me.