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Wisdom of the Body is a....

technique of teaching- a way of teaching - and also a specific system of techniques which when put together- form a means to restore and reawaken essential instincts in the physical body. The target of this system is restoration and de-traumatization of the person. The fusion of martial arts techniques, yoga techniques and physical therapy along with the understanding of child development, in particular brain formation, is what makes the system unique. This system functions as a rehabilitation method as well as a conditioning method. However the central idea of the system is to allow a person access to their core emotions and values. In essence Wisdom of the Body is directed to someone becoming themselves. Because of this it is compatible with Jungian Integration or the Perennial Philosophy. While the system of Wisdom of the Body hypothesizes a pre-existing individual self it is also compatible with Buddhist approaches which theorize a constructed self. Either approach to the human personality requires the layers of a persons experience be connected with the experience of their own physical body. read more..

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Titel: Wisdom of the Body - Beginners
Location: Franc
Term: 3 days
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