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Wisdom of the Body and Shamanism



In Wisdom of the Body- as we follow the Developmental Sequence- we actually embody the HISTORY OF RELIGION or THE PERENNIAL PHILOSOPHY.
In ancient human cultures world- wide we find sun prostrations and related movements as in the Sun Salutation of Indian Yoga.
We also find prostration practices around the world in all religious traditions, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and many others. The various ways of bowing and raising the head all key to the original lift of the babies head and also of course, watching the sun come up. Ultimately we all look for light and warmth.
In WOB we use this instinct of prostration, this history, this movement, this experience, this feeling of the sun. And yes we sometimes do the movements toward the sun, when we can. It is extremely healthy to do so.
At certain points in our sequence of movement we find we are moving less like babies and more like animals and this is to specifically address the animal parts of the brain/limbic system, etc. As the human does have certain aspects in common with the animal kingdom it is important psychologically and ecologically to process this.
This is the TOTEMIC ASPECT of WOB and it fulfills the human need for animal understanding, not as a condescension to the animal kingdom but as RECOGNITION of other species.
At certain points in the WOB sequence you will find the POINTS OF ORIGIN
for the postures of Yoga. You will say, “This is like Yoga”-and it is. But it is both simpler and more profound. The postures of Yoga evolved out of
basic instinctive responses which are rooted in the body, in the nervous system and in the stages of human growth and so also in the history of Shamanism which is after all OPERATIVE RELIGION.
Is WOB a religion?
the origin of the word “religion” means re-ligament or re-tie or reconnect. So the original meaning of religion was to reconnect a person to THEMSELVES. The ancient Greeks saw all learning as remembering who they were. In this way WOB is very much like an ancient religion but it has no direct connection to Institutions of Religion or their Political Parasites and related mind control techniques.

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  1. it is true that one must become ones own teacher-and as a student of lifelong learning when an opportunity to deepen ones practice comes with teachings and insights such as provide herein by Allen Pittman-one can gain deeper realms of integration of the body*mind phenomena-for when its gone-the body-so are we=so learn to use-appreciate and respect thru conscious application the historical teachings of a global brotherhood. AP manythxs4allyourgr8shares and ps Allen has some excellent insights on theosophy which are posted on youtube and dont forget his radio interviews-just wish there were more shares available to those who cannot travel.

  2. I apologize for not addressing this post directly in the previous comment-when religion is enforced upon and executed with cruel discipline-the pain clouds the perceptions-as in kneeling and catholocism-it does damage at an early age especially the knees-let alone ones relationship to teachings of sex or blind faith-perhaps these are the obstacles that one must overcome to heal the wounds of the past which we carry in our lives and exhibit in our disabled actions. Reexaming and reorienting and reeducation are opportunities which unfortunately later in life-but if they are encouraged and cultivated we can heal and fortify our bodies to be as who we were meant to be not what we were forced to endure and those destructive changes in the name of…your insights such as how you are percieved by others vs self perception is accurate and can lead to change when understood-to be one own teacher/guide is the essence of life and living-and is a lonely path with healing and personal freedom as the shadow play companion in an unfolding universe-manythxs4yourgr8wk