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Tour of Wisdom of the Body

What is the Wisdom of the Body?

It is a System of Physical Movements.
It is not only a system of movement it – is an approach – an attitude toward the body – which encourages mindfulness and listening to what the body itself has to say.


Because the human being at his time in history is at a critical juncture.
The choice is to become more robot like, more mechanical or …
more human. This is even more true with children and more urgent.


What Happens

The base of the brain is re-booted or re-set. I teach the movements to re-set or re-activate the primary instincts or primary brain-heart-gut centers. The experience of this is “getting back into your skin”. Or grounding yourself back into your body. Rediscovering your body.


What Are The Results

So far I have taught Wisdom of the Body for about seven years. And it has split into specialisations and special branches annotated to different needs. Without fail I can say each person and each group has found it helpful and effective to whatever their needs were and are. I am teaching at present in about 6 countries using the Wisdom of the Body as the axis of my teaching and it is indeed getting traction but I am fairly slow at spreading it as I want to maintain a certain level of quality.



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  1. I just said thanks for the inspiration you made it in me. Sorry for my bad english word because m own tongue is french.

  2. your work is interesting-and your lectures on youtube show great insight and brilliance manythxs for your great work-hope all goes well on your tour-if your ever in patagonia arizona please visit-each lecture you shared wisdom and knowledge looking forward to more of your work online-hope to buy wisdom of body encyc-which you mentioned on a radio interview-sounds important in working on ones self and with others children and adults-i myself find this a priority due to health concerns- many thxs again-

  3. “as a younger man had held the squat record in Ireland at 1400 pounds”

    The world (not just Ireland) squat record in 2017 is 1,260 pounds. And that’s with equipment. Without, it’s under 1,000 pounds. How do you explain this?

    1. the squat was on the back holding up a draft horse on platform….should be a photo on the site…will go back and check…

    2. have attached photos to article on Tim Geoghegan and you can see the set up or can send you photos..


  4. “education” to work with machines. That is a theme of the books by John Taylor Gatto and others for one of the not so covert purposes of government schools. It’s a system now beyond obsolete if it ever even was appropriate. Gatto is worth reading. Richard Mitchell of Less Than Words Can Say is also good. I believe that his 14 volume newsletter “The Underground Grammarian” is online.

    1. I agreement with you Tom—Gatto has nailed it on the head with education…good to hear you…also good to hear about Richard Mitchell…thank you!