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The Greek Ladder of Training

The Greek Ladder of Spiritual Development


Exercise, training of all kinds and self-discipline begin the process.

2. Gnosis

This is the insight that comes from discipline and training; it is the new vision or “penetration of vision” which comes from correct training.

3. Agathon

With the continued quest is this, the “Highest Vision”. This “Agathon” creates additional motivation for correct training (“Askesis”). Talbot Mundy had a good quote, “The gods do not corrupt a man with fame and wealth but with a satisfying inner vision”. This is what makes the difficult training worthwhile.

4. Dikaiosune

The formation of the self. Sometimes called “Re-spiritualizing” or “Soul Rightness”. This is generated from the ongoing relation and reciprocity between Askesis/Training and the Agathon/Ideal Vision. Gnosis is the mid step between the two. I have heard this called “common sense” but it comes from an uncommon process!

5. Logistikon

This is the formation of reasoning or logic in a person. True logic comes OUT OF the process of training (Askesis) as it brings out the Agathon (high vision) and Dikaiosune (sense of reality). So the “reasoning body” or “reasoning part of the person” called the Logistikon- is the measuring of degrees resulting from training and it’s accompanying analysis between the high vision and common sense

6. Nous

“Nous” is the light of Consciousness. It develops out of the logistikon. The process of developing “Nous” is analogous to the analysis of facts which leads to accurate intuition. The intuition can later, if honed, become clairvoyance. This is connected to the training of remote viewing in past.

7. Anamnesis

Like the word “amnesia” this is the level of development connected to memory. But this is about the recovery of lost memories. In this case the light of Nous allows the person to remember their true self, in some cases, past lives become obvious. Anamnesis also means “to be true to yourself”. But this can only come from the above process.

8. Sophrosyne

Like the word “Sophomore” this is a beginning connected to Sophia or Wisdom. Unlike it, it is about the synthesis of Wisdom which comes from the process shown above. It is the result of training, knowing yourself, knowing who you have been and all the time maintaining your highest vision.


“Arete” can be called “humility before the facts”. It is not about acting humble. It is about understanding one’s own limitations through the repeated resonances of the above process. One can have a lifetime of training, logic and very high idealism with a wonderful fusion of wisdom but still lack the light to get to “Arete”. Arete is the sign the practitioner has managed to stay self aware throughout the whole process of development. It is the proof of the presence of a constant witness in oneself.

*Where does the passion come in?

“Thumos” the spirited nature used in war; the “fire”— is to be guided by the Logistikon, the mind of logic—which is filled with the Agathon/highest vision or ideal.

This process comes from “Katharsis”. The Katharsis is the ecstatic moment which comes out of the agony of the Agathon!

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    1. incredible…yes indeed on the dry feet…I recall a tribe of mexican indians who specialize in running for days at a time—they also speak of the significance of dry feet— they wear straw sandals in which to run! see the book called “Born to Run” — forgot the author…