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The Chiron Text Chapter 7; Venus

Chapter 7; Venus- A study of the body for students of Mythology
The Science of Physical Comfort
Inner heat
Yoga Nidra
Anamnesis (Greek; “to remember who you were”)

Venus- the planet

A living body is warm. A dead body is cold. These two aspects, hot and cold have a huge effect on human psychology. When a person can learn to control and feel the movement of heat in the body they get some insight into sickness and health, the nature of food and the reasons behind fever. Blood circulation is intimately connected to visualization, especially when the body is at rest. Movement of attention to parts of the body directs neural activity and also heat through the body.

This is the basis of ancient meditation and was proven in modern times in the early history of Biofeedback. Sitting in a chair and relaxing with your hands in your lap-with a little concentration on the abdoman – will create a sense of heat in the belly. The also creates deeper relaxation and better emotional comfort.

If you want to go deep with the idea of Emotional Comfort you can try lying down with a blanket to keep warm, get comfortable and then once still, rotate awareness through your body. Start with your head and face and work your way down. Try making five conscious scans from your head to your feet. When this training of attention is done dailey- over time -you can actually discover the basis of most yoga techniques! It is also a very pleasant practice and stress reducing and often assists deeper sleep.

Generally speaking as you mentally scan your body your brain is switching on the nerves in your brain which monitor those places on your body. So you are “lighting up the map of your body” which is in your brain. This map looks a bit like Micky Mouse; it has large eyes, ears, mouth – a huge tongue! and big hands and feet with small legs and arms and torso! So that is how your brain “sees” your body; a sort of doll with a big head, hand and feet. There are more nerve maps in your brain for your hands and face and tongue, so when you concentrate on them- it gets the brain very busy scanning them! and you get very relaxed indeed…and the blood tends to rush into the center of your brain where the mapping nerves are…also the parts of your body you think about -if you concentrate on them long enough-will begin to tingle or get warm.

The Ancients believed if you were relaxed enough you could then direct your attention to the task of focusing on an idea. So in theory, if you are comfortable enough and relaxed enough your attention is almost unlimited. In a state of great relaxation and comfort they believed you may be able to remember your previous life. And it could come up in a hypnogogic state. In other words in the layer between waking and sleeping it was possible to recall something hidden from the conscious mind. This is a particular state similar to what you have right before you fall asleep or right before awakening. The ancient believed this in between state was extremely important for self knowledge because you could “bring something” back with you from the unconscious place. Now I now some of you will try very hard to do this. Unfortunately one can only relax and sort of “aim” or “contemplate”- don’t try to hard. Play with the idea and see what happens…

After this kind of experimentation with concentration and heat in your body the following notes on human anatomy can be helpful for further research in your studies;

Compiled Basics of Esoteric Anatomy, Medicine, and the Mind from Ancient Traditions around the World;

The Head-

The head goes with the sign of the Stag which in most cultures has become the ram, also called Aries.


The brain is an antennae and abacus. It is as though you-at one time-were Cernunnos himself—but now your antler-antennas are retracted and compressed in your head. Those compressed antlers are now your brain. Through your brain thoughts are received and then sorted. Calculations and speculations can then be made. The brain is not a closed system and can receive as well as sort. So part of it’s function is similar to a radio and another aspect like a computer…yes it’s more than that too…

The bones behind the ears, in the old spiritualist traditions of America, receive the sounds of the dead and other non physical beings. Try bringing your attention to those bones and see what impressions you get…I am not telling you what to believe…I want you to experiment and see what you experience and if nothing—fine.

In spite of this mechanism please remember the organizing of thoughts, impressions and images in the brain are all absolutely controlled by the emotional state of the person.

The emotional state really is everything! And if that state is reactive or threatened then certain experiences will be filed under blocked files. These files can be called “Unconscious Complexes”. They connect the wrong dots in the files of the brain and create complexes. These complexes can be tapped with the right presentation of variables and a person can really go off the rails.

The Emotional State is the lever of the whole person. It is the source for the Law of Attraction. If filled with rapture, then the person organizes all impressions and images into a blessed order. If filled with suspicion then all things are then organized to support the suspicion. And other people and living things feel a person in either setting.

Mark this, because it is the cardinal principle of all genuine esoteric schools- this principle is called The Doctrine of Emanation. It is found in the Hebrew Kabbalah

The Tree of Life Diagram also known as the Kabbala-of Jewish Mysticism..

and in the work of Dionysios.

Mystic and Scholar who filled out the cosmology mentioned by St. Paul…

The Works of Dionysius the Areopagite…

This Idea goes back to the earliest philosophical teachings which concern physical light and its correspondence to human consciousness. And this idea is common around the world in all school of Enlightenment/Salvation. In essence, the emotional radiance of a person organizes all mental impressions within them. This results in a specific rhythm or pulsation in the head and the heart. The resulting emanations from this pulsation – are then sent out from the head. In art this is depicted as a halo. These emanations ring/resonate outward – to the environment – like sonar or radar. The elemental spirits as well as people and animals, respond-fire, wind, water, and earth all – quick to sense if they are appreciated. Remember the Ancients believed that even the building blocks of matter had a personal living aspect which could sense and respond somehow, in whatever manner it’s structure allowed.

So if we follow this idea of Consciousness, or Intelligent Energy and we direct our own Light, our Consciousness or Awareness, into our own cells, our own body – the our body can respond to this awareness with it’s awareness.

the Pineal Gland which interacts with light was believed by Descart to be the seat of the Soul…

In a sense your body is a seperate animal from you–from your core awareness. You are not your body. You are living in A body. So when you direct your attention around inside your body – you cause it to react in different ways. So if you are nice and receptive and kind and thoughtful in emotion, you take that emotion into the cells of your body and into the various regions and parts, shining a light in those parts and you feel what is going on and how to make it better. You can record the following text to play as an audio file and guide you in scanning your body and it will be useful to memorize the meanings if you wish…So let’s start with the part of the body which is most expressive of your emotional state and which everybody can see – your face;

a. The Face is the seat of personal expression. Much spirit and emotion is expressed here and much energy can be wasted here. The lines of the face show the moods which predominate. The shape of the face shows the animal signature or totem of which kingdom the man hails from. Some people are bird-like some are cat-like, etc. Due to exposure to the air and other elements it also tends to age faster than other body parts. A hot compress on the skin of the face at night, with a light massage with almond oil will keep it younger and stronger. In the morning lightly dry with a dry towel. The dirt from the pores will have floated to the surface of the skin. It will come off on the towel. Then twenty or more splashes of cold water (in the summer) patted lightly around the eyes and facial muscles of mouth and jaw will remove the “death mask”/facial stiffness ala “you look like you just woke up” — of sleep which gathers when the spirit leaves the body/”you” release your body — at night.

b. The face is a key point to relaxation. Please remember relaxation parallels the spreading of attention in the physical body. In India they call the science of steadying the consciousness between waking and sleeping-by awareness of the body in a state of relaxation- Yoga Nidra. Before sleep at night concentrate on letting go of each set of muscles of the face. There are many and it is complex. Each area you concentrate on becomes magnetized. Begin with the forehead and do each eyebrow and then the center point between. Give a few seconds for each area for the magnetism to gather. Concentrate on the eyelids, especially the fine line where they touch. It is also a trigger area for defensive body reflexes as is seen when you walk into a spider web face first. Let your awareness go into your eyeballs and loosen the pupils, deep, deep into your head. Let your awareness go into your brain. It is large, like the starry sky. Become aware of the inside of your head like a great space. Become aware of the ridges of the ears. Concentrate on each nostril separately and especially the tip of the nose.

The complex system of facial muscles…

Then concentrate on each cheek. The muscles of the jaw set the whole body and neck for pulling, heaving and fighting. Know that when you concentrate on these muscles the whole body both relaxes and prepares for battle. Reflexively, the muscles over the temples of the head work with those of the jaw as you will feel when you clench your teeth. Let these loosen as you loosen the jaw. Let your mind scan your lips-back and forth along the fine line where they come together. That area too, is finely tuned with magnetic current. Poisoning and food reactions nearly always show in a slight swelling of the lips before showing anywhere else in the body. Let your awareness scan your teeth – all around your gums and scan the whole tongue down into the root in your throat. Become aware of your chin and the line of your jaw. Now let your fully magnetized face and skull send you to sleep. Now the spirit can withdraw from the face because it fully inhabits the face. This is often neglected. To leave the body consciously and skillfully one must fully inhabit it first. The face can be the trigger for the whole body. If you cannot sleep at night take three deep breaths-to refresh the blood stream and clear the brain of repeating thought, and begin to scan the face.

c. The eyes can be trained by cloud watching from minutes up to hours. This allows you to understand your own thoughts. Remember your soul is not your mood and your mood can be governed by the weather. Star gazing teaches how to focus the eyes and also how to breathe. Gazing into a still pond is for future telling. Gazing into a mirror is to see past lives, especially with the candle on the right side. The eyes can also be used to hypnotize by gazing at a person with a particular idea or image in your mind. This will plant the picture in the mind of the other person. The defense to being hypnotized is to look at the person between the eyes- where King David hit Goliath with the stone. You can also look at the so-called third eye or point which is between the eyes but a little higher. The eyes have a ray which comes out from them and this ray depends on the level of the person’s devotion to the world of the spirit. If you wish to project love in this ray which comes from the eyes then it can be helpful to soften the muscles around the eyes and look upon the world with kindness. Try to reach out with your mind and understand. Forget yourself. This will be detected by the elemental spirits of nature, and they will desire to be helpful. If you are a gardener this is a good idea. It is actually a good idea no matter what! Remember all that lives wishes to be appreciated-even you!

Your eyes can help you if you are afraid. Much fear comes from greed. Greed is usually traceable to a fear of death. You may not be able to do much about your fears, but you can definitely do something about your greed and that means not looking for things you want! and relaxing the tension of desires around your eyes and in them…relax your eyes!

Use can also use your eyes to look at your shadow. See if you can perceive intention in it. Gaze at your shadow until it changes into something luminous. Notice your emotions. In the morning put your back to the sun and look at your shadow-at the nape of your neck. Gaze until your eyes burn and blink to moisten them. Do this three times. Then look at your after-image in the sky. You can see your silhouette. This attenuates your reflexes and prevents accidental death. Also you can study the after image when you close your eyes. This is the color of your spirit helpers on many levels. Red is the body and physical world, Yellow is the mind and all that is mental, Blue is for the spirit world and white is for the psychical world.

Your eyes can help you if you are depressed. You can watch the sun come up for 40 days. The substance in the middle of your head (ed. Note- phosphorous and othe substances in your pineal gland) will become energized and you will change the charge and chemistry in your blood. You will never be depressed again. You need only watch the sun come over the horizon and up for a few minutes each day. The effect is cumulative. 40 days and never will you be depressed again. Summertime is best for this.

d. Your nose has a small deposit of iron at the base, between the eyes. There can be developed a feeling in that area which will tell you which way is North. Some birds have it and some lizards have it and you have it. It is connected to your orientation on the planet earth and helps put you in sympathy with the animal kingdom. It can help you orient when you have to travel long distances.

Your nose filters air and beyond the nostrils are spiral grooves in the skull which cause the incoming air to rotate until it hums as it passes underneath the brain. This hum massages the brain. The odors you detect with your nose are many. They have a tendency to control your mood. For this reason burning incense or wearing a perfume can help your mood-according to the type of incense or oil. Often smell controls us unconsciously. There are two tiny bulbs about the size of a pinhead inside the top of your nose that allow you to detect the opposite sex at about 2 miles. So it is certainly easier for a man and woman to find each other unconsciously as they often do! Remember also what we call a pleasant smell attracts the higher beings.
The left nostril is magnetic and the right is electric. When one breathes in the left nostril one is an artisan or philosopher, this is also the negative charge and does not pertain to moral qualities. In the right nostril are the powers of the warrior, this is also the positive charge and does not pertain to moral qualities. The nostrils tend to change on the hour and the third hour one is half in each. When a human being reaches illumination the nostrils are both open fully all the time. The nostrils also are signs to use when conceiving a child. If the couple is breathing in their left nostrils (minus x minus) at conception, the baby will be a boy. If they breathing in contrasting nostrils, a girl.

e. The ears like the eyes also have an emanation. Sometimes the pitch is high and can be heard by others. This tone emitted can be used to navigate in caves and enclosed spaces. The ridges of the ears are hypersensitive. The lobes of the ears can be massaged in winter to heat the entire head. To calibrate the tones and clear the ears, put the palms slowly over the ears and seal them with suction. Then remove the palms with speed. There will be a light pop which can clear any trapped air. To loosen any wax or release air trapped further down in the ear canal pull the ear lobe down and tilt the head in the same direction. To remove recurring music in the mind, cover the ears with the palms, seal them, and tap lightly with the fingers on the back of the head. Remember, you too have nine muscles around the root of each ear which can slightly adjust the ear position for optimal hearing. These are the same muscles a stag’s ear has but smaller and less developed.

f. The mouth in some of the older yoga school had it’s own chakra! it is- after all- a center of power. Inside it was conceived as a turning wheel of magnetism which can create spiritual ideas which may even be or create beings. If you think of it this way, what comes out of your mouth will change. The expression of the mouth also can convey many things, even if there is no speech from it. Inside the mouth are the teeth. The gums around the teeth are hypersensitive. To strengthen the teeth and gums press the teeth together hard, a few times each day. You can also tie a weight to a cloth or towel and lift it with clenched teeth. Turn your head either way, while doing this, and strengthen the jaw and the neck as an integrated structure.

g. There is a point at the base of the skull, a sort of opening. When you are tired, reach back and insert your longest fingers- usually the middle ones you use to pull a bowstring- into the opening. Look up and down moving your head and let your fingers sink into this area and out as the muscles tighten. Press hard. This massages the brain stem and can help stave off fatigue.

h. The chin can be hit to knock a man unconscious. This is best done by hitting downward- slightly off the center. Tap it on yourself and notice the vector of trauma in the jaw and back of the skull.

II. The Neck

The neck connects the head to the heart. It is symbolized by the astrological sign of Taurus.

the horns of the bull/ Taurus

It mediates between thinking and feeling. It connects to the heart by the two large veins the Greeks call “Carotid” or “sleep”. When the carotids are closed a person will, indeed, go to sleep. If they are kept closed for two minutes brain damage will result. The neck contains the organs for control of tone in voice and has nerves at the base which go to the heart and arms. The muscles of the neck are best developed in conjunction with those of the jaw and teeth and shoulders. A towel in the teeth with the other end tied to a weight will do the job. Bow forward and holding the weight in your teeth articulate your head. The gland of the throat is of the butterfly shape. Blood flow to this organ and to the glands in the lower jaw can be increased through a particular exercise. Place your thumbs under your jaw and push down on them with your tongue. Explore the exercise and try to push down at least 20 times in different areas. Notice the fatigue and heat in this part of your body. Not only will this increase the muscular strength of the tongue it will also increase the capacity of the gland. If there is a tendency to get sore throats, it will be eliminated.
The windpipe can also be lightly shaken and massaged to rid tension from the throat. Remember if it is hit hard it can be crushed and the person can die of suffocation. The remedy is to make a small incision above the pit of the throat by about the length of your thumb tip. Air can then be taken in from this opening. A straw can be inserted if need be. Then the windpipe can be reshaped.

III. The Shoulder
The Shoulder ties together the clavicle the upper arm and the shoulder blade. These are symbolized by ‘The Twins” of astrology.


The shoulder blades and clavicles both have many connections to the neck and jaw and skull. Watch a cat walk and you can see the relations between them. To lift the shoulder is to contract the complex of muscles in the neck, skull and chest all at once. The chest must be fully flexible and this is achieved through pulling the shoulder blades together. A push- up between chairs -with the feet also elevated- will develop a solid punch or spear thrust and remedy stiffness from too much archery practice. It will also assist the development of a straight neck and uninhibited electrical circulation to the heart. The complex of the shoulder is deeply connected to the 7th cervical bone which through it’s additional covering of bone, shields the nerves which not only empower the arms but also give power to the heart. Underneath the shoulder is the armpit which is a primary target for a spear or sword. Through this one can thrust through the lung to the heart. The Javelin throw- working from light to heavy, short to long distance is an effective way to train the shoulder as is the discus, in the same gradual manner. To embrace one-self is to stretch the shoulders and the area behind the heart which often stores up shock which is then put into the astral body. To hang from a tree limb is to elongate the spine and stretch the shoulder and allow the ether body to dominate the astral body. The pull -up will do this and also on the athletic field make a man unbeatable in wrestling except for the holds on the leg -for which is no remedy-even the angels know this (as with the tale of Jacob). When the shoulder is dislocated, the person must have their arm pulled over a door or ledge to stretch the ligaments enough for it to retract into place. When strong and loose and aligned with gravity the shoulders and their muscles make the neck straight and the voice resonant.

IV The Chest
The Chest is two flexible rooms within which the lungs sit with the heart between them as a wall. They are symbolized by the shell of the crab, Cancer.


There is the right lung, which has one more compartment than the left. In the breath of this right lung is an ongoing story or series of thoughts. The left lung is smaller to accommodate the expansion of the stomach, when it is filled. Inside the left lung is another story or series of thoughts based on the movement of breath in this area. When the stomach is too full the thoughts that circulate in the left lung become negative, this also comes from pressure which is put on the heart both through mechanical pressure and changes in blood pressure. The changes in blood pressure are due to stomach demands for more water/blood to digest the excess food.
Remember the two lungs have separate and distinct on-going stories and thoughts.
The right lung massages the liver which sits underneath it. It also, when filled with air, supports the right shoulder and clavicle for lifting. The left lung, when filled with air, also supports the left arm for lifting, but the tendency is not to lift as great a weight with the left arm as it tends to be weaker as it sits more near the heart.

The heart goes with the astrological symbol of Leo.

Leo–why they use a snake or perhaps a tail I do not know…there may be an old lion-snake correspondence due to the sun..

It sits, usually, to the left in the chest. Its beat is initiated from the base of its pear-like shape. A part of the base is near a spot below the left nipple. This is a vital point and a target if one needs to kill another. The heart has four rooms, each of which draw in, compress and circulate the blood, swirling it in a circle before moving it into the next chamber. This is in order to sense the impressions in the blood before purifying and energizing it. The heart is a sensory organ and calibrates the movement of the blood. Since the blood moves through the body from magnetic and hydraulic activity it cannot be stated the heart is a pump. Rather it is part monitor or turnstile, part condenser and part psychical filter.

V The Diaphragm
Between the lungs and their underlying organs is the diaphragm, a muscular septum attached to the lower spine but running transversely across the bottom of the rib cage. The diaphragm initiates breath. It is analogous to Virgo.

Virgo looks a lot like the scorpio symbol without an arrow…seems to have a fish in it…

Right below the diaphragm are the Ovaries. The ribs are called into play with their intercostals muscles when the body is standing or stepping. In sleep the ribs often move very little. On arising it is good to stretch them by reaching overhead with a deep breath. The breath must be deep enough to mobilize the collar bones and activate the muscles of the throat.
The diaphragm contracts differently according to the placement of the tongue in the mouth. If the tongue is placed behind the left molars along the back gum line, the diaphragm will tend to push the air down between the connective tissue of the low back and hips. If the tongue is place behind the right molars to the back gum line the diaphragm is less active and the breath will tend to activate air into the cavities between the muscles in the upper back muscles and intercostals. There is a palpable increase of muscular strength when the air as a pneumatic force, is consciously moved between the membranes of the musculature and connective tissue. This movement of the air can be used to strengthen or anesthetize the parts of the body it moves in.

VI The Middle Body
The middle body is the area below the rib cage and above the pelvis. It is where Virgo meets Libra.

Libra means “The Scales” but some say is a pair of chariot wheels…not sure how they go this symbol…

It has about six layers of muscles as a flexible casing. Remember musculature can vary considerably from person to person in not only type of muscle but placement and attachment as well. All discussions of musculature are approximate.

The middle body allows all manner of bending and twisting. It is not desirable for the midsection to be hardened into a rigid column of muscle since its main advantage is flexibility. Hanging by the arms from a limb and swinging/lifting the legs as a unit will strengthen both grip and the middle body. The swinging of weapons, if they are heavy enough, or you swing them with enough speed, will also strengthen the middle body. Dances that use the midsection are also extremely useful to learn to isolate and tone individual muscles. In the Greek events both Javelin and Discus develop the middle body. Of the two the discus is most important for the middle body especially when done with a single step rather than a spin. Punching the heavy bag, especially at middle body height will also develop the middle body.


Diaphragmatic breathing will tend to stretch the lower abdomen outward, so when diaphragmatic breathing is done, it is wise to pull in the muscles of the lower abdomen to prevent hernia and over arching of the low back.

This also creates some healthy pressure on the bladder and prostate glands, both of which have a tendency to lose tone as a man ages. For the prostrate and pro-genital system to have sufficient zinc a handful of pumpkin seeds eaten each day are a good idea.

Most of the vital organs are located in the middle body. The stomach and the spleen behind are on the left side. The liver and gall bladder are on the right side. The liver can become coated with phlegm and the gall bladder can become lodged with stones.

Phlegm can be removed from the liver. Eat 6-8 oz of white meat and vegetables each day for nine days. No grains. Then drink one cup of hot sea-salt water and ginger on the tenth day, first thing in the morning.
All phlegm from the liver will come out in the stool.

Gall stones, like most stones are usually a sign of dehydration. Increase water intake, even double it, if you have a tendency to gall stones. Decrease your salt intake also.

The pancreas lies somewhat in the middle of the upper abdomen. Because of the location of the pancreas, which secretes insulin- a sensitive solar plexus (pain to finger pressure) can indicate problems with blood sugar. Tea made with lavender will decrease the demand for insulin by about half. Drink two cups a day.

Around the naval is the small intestine and around it, framing the whole lower abdomen is the large intestine, which is arranged in a square shape. Around the naval also is a cobweb- like network of blood vessels left over from the umbilicus. These blood vessels are sensitive to wine and expand when you drink wine. If you combine wine and meat fat then the “pot belly’ will form quickly around these blood vessels around your naval. The pot belly is hard to get rid of. Deep breathing can also help form a pot belly. One of the best ways to keep the pot belly down is to run each day. Abdominal exercises do not always get rid of the pot. Sometimes the pot just gets very strong! So the muscles have to be pulled in when breathing and doing exercise, otherwise the belly will get bigger and bigger! and if too big it can really cause problems with the low back.

For problems involving digestion and food absorption, add some hot spices to your foods. Cook the spices in oil so they release there essential oils and enzymes, before adding them to a dish. This greatly assists digestion in the stomach and small intestine.
For elimination problems any or all of the following foods will assist elimination-prunes, figs, raisins. Whole grains assist elimination also.
The kidneys lie about half way out from the lower ribs on the mid-back, on either side. They are not symmetrical and so kidney pain is rarely symmetrical. Kidney stones can create pain in the testicles, and in the woman, in the ovaries.

The ovaries in the woman and the testicles in the man are analogous. Both work with the kidneys. In the woman the ovaries are not far from the kidneys. This is the place astrologically, that Virgo is found in the body. In the man, the placement of the testicles outside the lower abdomen for temperature control necessitates an additional musculature-the cremaster fibers. These fibers lift and drop the testicles and in severe cases can pull the testicles all the way up in the abdomen. If this happens from a kick, as in martial arts training, the man can be laid on his back and with his legs straight, use your palm heel to strike his heel. This can release the testicles. So can jumping up and down. The cremaster muscle fibers, which of necessity have to come through the lower abdominal wall, make that part of the abdomen vulnerable to hernia.
If you suspect you have kidney stones due to testicle or kidney pain, begin drinking more water diluted with cranberry or pomegranate juice. The amount can go up to two or three liters a day.
Too much coffee or tea or alcohol can make the kidneys sore and can also even make the low back muscles sore. This is due to diuretic effect of coffee, tea and alcohol. They literally ‘wring out’ the kidneys.
Too much wine can cause holes to form in the filter of the liver (Sclerosis). A little wine can remove the mucous/phlegm lining of the liver. Remember, wine causes the blood vessels to expand and then contract. So the initial warmth can be deceptive, since cold can follow it. Still wine can help one absorb herbal teas, and it can, when mixed with them, prevent mold from forming in the teas when they are stored. All the so-called “liquers” are part of this old medical tradition.

VII The Hips
The hips correspond to the sign of Libra.

Libra means “The Scales” but some say is a pair of chariot wheels…not sure how they go this symbol…

But also Libra is a symbol which in ancient times according to letters of the Scythian language, was interchangeable with the symbol of the Yoke. The sex organs correspond to Scorpio.

why does scorpio look like an “M” with an arrow tail?

The muscles of the middle body all attach around the edge of the pelvis. The bowl-like pelvis is the largest mass of bone in the entire body. The pressure of the descending diaphragm pushes down into the pelvis, massaging the vital organs and coming to a point at the anus. The pelvis houses the bladder in the front, below the naval, (as well as the prostrate gland on the man) and the lower intestine. There is also a pelvic diaphragm smaller than the middle body diaphragm, but also a pressure creating muscular sheath, which assists the retraction of the anus when voiding and the penis when ejaculating or avoiding ejaculation. With a woman, as with a man, the same muscular system can be articulated to enhance sexual pleasure. The tonus of the muscles involved with the pelvic diaphragm, including the anal sphincters and the perineum (between the genitals and the anus) is extremely important and can be improved with exercises.

In Yoga traditions world-wide all the exercises for this region are to decrease or eliminate emissions. The man learns not to ejaculate so that he can maintain spinal fluid pressure and blood quality in his body (one drop of sperm is equal to sixty drops of blood in Yoga tradition) and the woman learns to control her menstrual flow to maintain her strength and regulate her mood. Diet and exercise also assist with this. Generally less stimulating diets restricting natural tonics like onions, garlic, alcohol and meat, all of which tend to create more energy/pressure in the body and in tradition are classified as stimulants or aphrodisiacs.

The anus is important though people do not find it nice to talk about except when they are angry! The Egyptians considered it the source of many diseases. The response to this idea was the creation of the beday-or a small fountain by the toilet where the anus is washed and the prostate gland is massaged with the middle finger of the left hand. If the middle finger is inserted to the second knuckle it can touch the prostate which is forward of the finger tip. Sometimes fecal matter accumulates here in a pocket and the long term effect is cancer or infection, cleaning this area and massaging the prostate is an important practice for a man, particularly over the age of forty. In cultures where the beday is part of the dailey toilet this is routine.

VIII The Thighs
The thighs correspond to the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a Centaur with a Bow and Arrow…

They are the literal work-horses of the body. The full squat, butt to heels, is the main exercise for the thighs and is often seen performed by small children. The squat is also the primary movement of all self-defense since it connotes ducking and springing out of the way, as well as jumping. The thighs house the femur bones which together, with the pelvis, is the part of the skeleton which manufactures most of the red blood cells for the blood stream.

IX The Knees
Corresponding to Capricorn -the knees are often vulnerable to injury.

Capricorn is a sort of Sea-Goat…sometimes the word is translated as an Antelope…

Each knee has a cross in it. This is the cruciate ligament. The exercises which protect the knees are the leg extension with special attention to higher weights (start with 40 lbs and go up-high repetitions of 20-25 reps per set) and the last ten degrees of extension where the leg is locked out with force and the patella pushes down onto the joint. The extension AND the downward lock of the knee are integral to insure knee integrity and this becomes more crucial after the age of 40. Ingestion of gelatin or “Glucosomine Sulfate” or “Condroitin” — assists cartiladge formation in the knee joint which tends to over use. Chewing the ends of chicken bones also accomplishes this!

X The Shins/calf muscles to the ankles
This part of the body corresponds to Aquarius; the “Water Bearer”.

Aquarius is the god of the clouds or “Water Bearer”…

The ankles have to relax when you carry a bowl of water so that your body does not spring up and down, and your hands can hold the bowl with steadiness. That way no water is spilled. The calf muscles have, within them the arteries which have one- way valves. These valves trap and propel the blood, up the leg. The muscles of the calf help push the blood through these valves and their compartments-as the blood works its’ way back to the heart and lungs. This takes some pressure off the heart which has to suck or draw the blood upward (try drawing water through a three or four foot straw or hose and you will get the sense of what the heart is trying to do!) The muscles of the calf handle the final part of the jump upward, especially if you point your toes down, with intensity. Some of the calf muscles have tendons that wrap around the ankle bones and go under the foot to attach to the sole. Therefore, to exercise the calf is to exercise the foot. Jumping both high and long will strengthen these muscles.

XI The Feet
The soles of the feet, slightly ovoid and flat, are reminiscent of fish. Astrologically, Pisces is assigned to the feet.

Pisces-well I don’t see two fish here but that is what it should be…

As mentioned before, some of the tendons of the calf go around the ankle bones and attach to the soles. There are also muscles which hold the arches in the feet and assist them in their shock absorption. These can be made stronger by going barefoot and walking on the outside edges of the feet-especially if there is a tendency to have flat feet. Feet can also get rid of headaches—just put them in a basin of cool water and sit down with your head back in a comfortable chair. This is because when they are cool the blood vessels send a message to the upper body to “send more blood”. So the congestion of blood in the head diminishes. In the winter putting your feet in a basin of warm/hot water for ten to twenty minutes before bed will cause you to go to sleep easily.

*Practical Exercise-Basic Yoga Nidra level 1

Appendix-The Esoterics of Sleep and Rest; The Golden Fleece, “The Lamb of God”; It’s all about being warm! Try being cold and you will understand how difficult it is to relax due to the cold.

Jason had his task of getting the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece is useful for the healing wounds of all kinds. It is connected to the mysteries of warmth, sleep and hibernation. The gold fleece was likely, one of the sheepskins left in a mountain stream-as in the Afghan tradition- to strain out the gold.

Sheep skin is very warm and so is sheepskin coated in gold dust. The gold dust work as an electromagnetic mediator on the surface of the skin… This is a kind of reversal of Philip the Fair’s Templar Torture- rather than bathe in gold dust while others virtuous, are tortured, one sleeps beneath one’s own golden fleece, passive but absorbing the virtue of one’s own contact with higher beings or the “Subconscious”.

Hercules re-iterated this with the wearing of the Nemean Lion’s skin as Yogis in India continue to do so by sitting on a lion or leopard skin. This sleeping under skins is an ether bath in one’s own warmth field with the assistance of an animal skin.

A modern and progressive adaptation would be the sprinkling of mohair or soft wool in gold powder and using it (no animal need die) as a wrap when sleeping. This is archetypally connected to the process of the chrysalis that a butterfly goes through.

The wool prayer rug of Islam is also connected to this idea.

This deep sleep of comfort is a key to healing on many levels. The body must be free to bathe in its own currents and those of the earth, unhindered by artificial forces. In the butterfly the body dissolves into fluid in the chrysalis. In the human- in sleep, the physical body grows cold and still-like a chrysalis. But the wills stream out of the body to get their food and sustenance. They can also speak with one another inside the body.

The so-called “isolation tank” or salt water suspension technique has the same effect. In Hatha Yoga the fish posture submerged the head into water with breathing done through a tube to produce some of the same technique and according to a Yoga teacher I had (Geoghegan) sources the Knights Templars who brought back the isolation box/casket from the Sufis in Egypt who had practiced the technique for many years. This may well have become mixed with Vampire legends and created the tale of how the vampire had to hurry back to his coffin before sun rise.
This also pertains to the significance of warmth in the physical body and the straining out of spiritual or “high virtue” from the fluids passing through the ether body. The warmth or fire produces a deep sleep. This kind of sleep disengages some of the various wills and bodies. The prolonged heat produced when covered with a blanket of any kind, creates an excess of energy, which allows other energies to enter the physical body and restore or transform it. Specific mental training and sound training also assist this (listening to a guided visualization or series of harmonics).

Another way of inducing heat in the physical body is askesis (Greek) or physical exercise which in this context, is a kind of exorcism. It not only builds heat and creates purification of the blood from sweat but also consolidates the wills (exertion) and then separates them (exhaustion). This is the reason behind the sweat lodge and sauna. It was also seen in the ancient Corybatic or healing dances of the Greeks. A fever too can actualize the same potential. It can also signal the first initiation in a new physical or spiritual process. Often sickness presages a breakthrough in one’s interior life. The Ancient Greeks and the Arabs call this kind of fever which purges the body and makes way for a spiritual breakthrough “ephemeral” meaning its source is not physical but spiritual. This does not mean it is less real. It means it comes from the Mind and Spirit.

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