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The Chiron Text Chapter 5; Moon-Power of Emotion

Chapter 5; Moon-Psychological Content – Having Fun; Water, Glands, Emotions and Gravity

In order to bring the emotions into the learning process-so education is fun and memorable— it is best to teach in an interdisciplinary way-that is, to show by example- to the student-the relationship between related fields. This way, the student sees WHY something is important and HOW it relates to other aspects of life.

With the teaching and initiation of individual sports, healing, hygiene and first-aid are best taught as a related and interpenetrating discipline. Exercise and First Aid is a single discipline. Basic anatomy and physiology, remedial massage and a clear idea of the effects of exercise with knowledge of injuries and first hand experience of sore muscles all become a single understandable field. This combined education can, because it touches deep emotions related to survival and life in general- allow for a smooth transition into social responsibility, personal respect and even GRATITUDE or gratefulness for good health. Significantly, in the present immune system literature I have not found any experiments which show the chemical effect of Gratitude. Most of the available research on the immune system deal with STRESS. These include the seminal work of Hans Selye.

However there is a great dawning and controversial interest in something extremely important to the immune system -and human body in general- and that is WATER. So we know we cannot live without it. It upholds life. There is no human life without it. Some of the more recent interest in water can be found among the following names;

The researcher in Switzerland (Sweden) Hachney (dynamized or turbinated water having improved structural effects on cement mixes)

and the Japanese Scientist Emoto (frozen water configuring itself as a result of the sound of music and/or human emotional intention),

water vibration study of Emoto…

in France Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of the AIDS virus Luc Montagnier and his experiments on water memory (water giving off electrical charges showing genetic memory even after the genetic material is removed),

and the work of Hans Jenny in “Cymatics” showing how vibration shapes water based substances with geometric configurations…

sound and shape researcher Hans Jenny

all of these researchers will provide the reader with some helpful and interesting approaches to water research aside from the basic cellular metabolism idea which is part of physiology.

these researchers have intuited -or shown with experiment – that water behaves differently in the presence of different kinds of temperature,movement, sound and some say–even–emotion. In fact-according to Emoto- under the emotion of hatred there is no symmetry in the freezing patterns occuring during the crystallization process of water. In the emotional fields of gratitude and other positive emotions water crystallizes in specific symmetrical and even beautiful patterns.

Since human beings are 70-90 percent water it must be asked what the effect of this “gratitude water” has on the physical tissue itself. The scientific effects of such water in the human body on the blood and glandular system are unresearched.

Wether we BELIEVE or have PROOF – the fact is water is extremely important to health. I suggest the above names for readers to do their own research and come up with their own ideas. If you do not believe this then try not drinking water for three days-see how you do!

In regard to the theme of this chapter -does The Moon effect water? well yes. There is a relationship between the tides of the ocean and the magnetic pull from moon. Because of this and the fact water flow- resistance is decreased in an electrified tube- we know that water as a body has its behavior and activity effected by magnetic and electric fields. We also know this is true on a cellular level in the body and this is one reason why a human body which is slightly electrified especially locally-around a broken bone-can heal faster. Scientist Robert Becker in his book “The Body Electric” has a lot to say about this sort of phenomenon in light of the Starfish and it’s ability to regenerate limbs.

Robert Beckers “Body Electric” Book…

In fact Becker was pulled off this research as he approached success in passing this ability to human beings. Why was he pulled off the research?

The fact is we can only understand ourselves through our physical bodies-which are mostly water.

Our WATERY bodies provide a room of perception or SENSORIUM for our mind, that is – our senses form a kind of room – in which -our mind experiences our body. These senses must have water. Water then is part of the human mediating organism as well as a universal solvent. The Remote Viewing experiments at Stanford Research Institute with Ingo Swann proved that certain neurons or Receptors depended heavily on water for function. Because of this a dehydrated body is much less sensitive to it’s environment and also less psychic. In fact simple disorientation from dehydration shows a base example of this.

Pioneer and leader of the Stanford Research Institute experiments on Remote Viewing, Ingo Swann

Keeping these ideas in mind in regard to water we can take them and look at how emotion and experience are related to water – and our bodies.

Without water we do not live. Without understanding our own bodies, we cannot have the vaguest idea how to really help ourselves or others.

It could be said that water and its flowing, mixing, hot and cold forms really does resemble human relationships. Some people grow “cold” and some “hot”. Some relationships “flow” others are “blocked” or “icy”.

Try thinking of water and its dynamics as a model of all human relationships.

Both shared pleasure and shared pain unite and bond people -on a social level- whether it is in a healthy marriage bond- augmented with the pleasures of painting the walls of the house together and celebrating with sex, or an abusive relationship united by physical battery and “making up” with sex.

Greek gods Eros and Psyche…

Even among war veterans there is the memory of the horrors of life “in the trenches” and the blessed relief that “the war is over”. Even the simplest memory of a friend putting a brace or wrap or even a band-aid, on a sprain bring immense meaning to life. All mothers know the power of this. These psycho-physical relationships, established through the trials and celebrations of the physical body, create natural binding ties. Because they do, they are filled with meaning and they fill the memory.

The other side of War

Therefore, the creation of these relationships- whether between friends,warriors or lovers- needs to be seen with clarity. The power of the physical encounter, whether it is an encounter of trial or healing, is one of the most meaningful events in a human life. It is here that water really flows, relationship flows and often tears flow…here too physical education can help us. Physical education carries the essentials-like water itself- of what is meaningful in a human life.

Mother and Child

One of the most important aspects of physical education is the teaching to the child of what makes a healthy bond between people. While there is extensive study of human perverse behavior there is little of what is actually MATURE behavior. This nurturance of safe and secure boundaries in relationships is timely, as at present the “post-modern” society seems to have lost it altogether. These boundaries include all the various levels of friendship.
The relationship created between people who participate in sports or games and other forms of physical competition or ordeal is directly related to psychological healing. Healthy competition is therapeutic. It is also cathartic. That is, it releases tensions created by a glandular system designed for physical stress. Please notice I said “healthy competition”. I cannot accept modern sports and it’s ensuing industry of advertising, physical abuse, drugs and gambling and commercialism as exemplary.

Back in history the response of the ancient Greeks to stress and injury among the participants in athletics, was the creation of the Paidotribe or “Anointer”. These “Anointers” did not anoint with water -as in Baptism- but anointed with Olive Oil or Almond Oil.

Amphora of Paidotribe directing athletics in Ancient Greece…

These men were trained in martial arts and healing as well as medical massage. They were the trainers of the young men and women and were the liaison between the athletes and the physicians. Their connection to oils, ungents and herbs connects physical culture and education to physical medicine as well as mental medicine or psychology, which in its earliest forms utilized water, oil, music, incense, ritual and herbs to alter the mental state of the patients. The Greek Paidotribe of history is also connected to other even more ancient orders and schools; noteworthy ones include the ancient Jewish Essene schools, the Egyptian Therapeutea , Celtic Druids and the “medicine man” or “Shamans” of the American Indian, the Odou practitioners of West Africa in fact all healing traditions around the world. All of these ancient ways were designed to forge healthy relationships between the basic elements of life- especially water —which were seen as inseperable from the relationships of people! In fact in the initiate level of Traditional Taoism the essential structure of the universe itself is said to result from a friendship between five gods or spirits who decided-even before the world was created into matter-how to work together! this was known as the Ling-pao Agreement or “Writs”.

Leaving the concept of Water behind us, we continue to look at the emotional qualities of water-which need to be taught in real human education. We come to the emotion greatly valued by the Ancients, and that emotion is Courage. Courage is the Heart Contribution of the Paidotribe. Courage is invoked by conflict and threat. Therefore the ancient Greeks had a lot to say about what was Good and Evil. After all as a rule one needs Courage to confront Evil not Good. Or so it sometimes seems. The modern mind dissolves the meaning of these words “Good” and “Evil” with the simple phrase, “That is a matter of opinion.” The Greeks agreed it was a “matter of opinion” but therefore felt it being a MATTER- was REAL and worth debating. Hence the work of Plato discussed The Greater Goods and Lesser Goods or tried to answer the question, “What is important?” and especially and clearly, “What is important in a human life?” Plato and many others in other cultures too – came to the conclusion that Wisdom was important since Wisdom informs the best decisions in a human life.

Plato to whom some have said “Philosophy is his footnote…”

So it was conceived that a special science of Wisdom was needed. This was called Philosophy. “Philio-sophia” of “brotherly (protective) love of Sophia”-the goddess of Wisdom- created what we now know as “Idealism”. “Idealism” means there is a point or place or dimension of perfection for anything that is truly good.

This point of perfection or “perfect place” exists, according to the Greek philosophers- in a higher dimension. So it cannot be found on this earth or in a human life. But shades of this perfection, glimmers and hints could be found on this earth and in human life. In this higher dimension exists, what Plato has called the “Archetypes”. These “Archetypes” could also be termed “Higher Beings” or Higher Intelligences. These archetypes could reach their hand down onto the earth, or through a kind of veil of matter–onto the earth and into human life. The feeling, the movement of these beings or Powers, is Like a shaft of light coming through the clouds or the fin of a fish arising from the water and then disappearing. It is also like distant music or a half remembered dream.

Jung Archetypes

It is helpful for the imagination to follow the work of Plato and see these “Higher Beings” or “Ideals” as living and breathing creatures, with a will, and life of their own. According to the ancient Greeks, especially Plato- It is from these archetypes that life on earth receives its inspiration. These beings can call to our highest imaginations and aspirations. There are also “low” or diabolic beings which can call to our “lower natures”. Whatever path we walk, whether it is devotional, as in the path of Love, or Intellectual as in the path of Science, or any known Art or Craft, we aspire toward- and get our inspiration from- the breath and brightness of an archetype.

The Archetypes include the highest forms of morality or social behavior. Among the degrees of moral good and evil there were “Higher Goods” and “Lower Goods”. A hand -thrown ceramic cup would be a “lower good”-that is a useful, base, earthy material crafted with a specific function. The “Higher Goods” were intangible traits and powers especially BEHAVIORS — that made a human being more god-like. These BEHAVIORS or “being good, acting good, trying to be good…” were called “Virtues”and in all cultures these virtues were connected to the material world as the Elements Fire, Water, Earth and Wind or Air. The Chinese have the fifth element of Wood–what Hildegard of Bingen called “Greening”.

one of the leaders of The Rhineland Mystics, Hildegard of Bingen…

In Vedic Medicine the Hindus have “Ether” or “Subtle Energy”.

It was believed that the connection of the material elements of the earth to the Virtues- or “Higher Goods”- in the human being, occurred during the moments of Good Behavior. That in fact is the definition of what GOODNESS actually is. So in the ancient mind goodness requires understanding RELATIONSHIPS among human beings and between humans and animals, plants and the earth. But this amazing behavior, this amazing bridging of subtle and material worlds required one particular thing above all else. That is COURAGE. The material element of Courage, which is Core-Rage or the “Centered Fire”- like the human heart- or even -the center of the earth–was the ignition system for everything good in a human life. But the Courage had a direction and oddly it was DOWN. As the Tao Te-ching says, “True virtue is like water always going into the lower place.” But to go down oddly and perhaps as a contradiction, requires Courage! So there you have traits of a protective Fire which escorts the person down into the attitude of Water.

The Virtue that begins what Carl Jung termed Individuation; the honing and integration of the person, is Courage. Please understand that Courage is involved also in the Physical World- in the urgent jumping across an abyss, the willingness to wrestle another, to race another- it is also a mental receptivity to the unknown, the willingness to encounter another person, event or object. In another form it is the willingness to help an injured person regardless of societal mores-the “good Samaritan”. Courage is developed as a personal quality through the testing of kinds of healthy competition and through understanding oneself in the competition. Not abusive competition, nor egotistical competition, but a simple comparison of skills with others with the clear intent to know one’s limits. Knowing ones limits then allows a person to be productive in the community. The personal development of courage and skills inevitably is returned to the community. To go beyond one’s personal limits without a clear reason, is simply to waste energy. Courage understands necessary losses and Courage will rinse the blood from a facial wound in spite of the revolting appearance or Public Opinion. Courage is NOT synonymous with the word “Blind” as in “Blind Courage”. Courage has eyes and long term goals. Courage changes history. And very oddly—leads to an honest humility.


In the beginning stages of education the most important thing is the establishment of courage in the heart of the child. This kind of courage is seeded, by the faith emanated from the Paidotribe to the student. This is what occurs when a child picks up a vital, life saving skill, like learning to throw the Javelin or how to hang from a rope on a mountain, or swim in the water. It must be a life saving skill and not something relegated merely to the playing of “games”. Please remember “games” were, in their origin, preparation for war. They were not concerned with the mass of associations which are now connected to popular sports. In fact they were ways of developing the most sacred thing in a person- the power of human willingness; Will-power. With this Will-power develops the sense of human freedom.

Another pair of words that means Will-power is Self-Discipline. Plato’s model of self discipline is the charioteer with two horses; one horse is obedient, the other wild. It is up to the charioteer to harness and control these two horses. In India, among the disciplines of Yoga is found the same concept. “Yoga” means simply “to Yoke” or “harness”. The two horses of Yoga are the Ida and Pingala or male and female energies circulating from the nostrils.

Two Good White Cows and a nice Yoke.

From Jesus Christ we have the quote “my yoke is easy…” which, coming from a skilled carpenter, is quite a statement. There are some yokes which chafe and cut and torture the poor animals. And animal abuse and child abuse remain rife on the planet.

But if we begin with an understanding approach to the horses, with a perceptive appreciation of their work and a working knowledge of their anatomy -we can design a compassionate and ergonomic yoke which allows the animal optimum efficiency in work and comfort. This also shows what it is to be humane. On the human side, this fine understanding of the animal and its physical body is reflected back as humans consider the part of themselves that is similar to an animal-that is their own body. Rudolph Steiner said the human being is like a Centaur with wings; able to fly with imagination or be pulled right into the earth through the sex drive and physical reactionary lust. I would add to this, “Timing is Everything.”

This understanding of what harms and heals the body extends fully into the study of ancient and traditional martial arts and yogas and ethnic medicine systems further than some martial arts students may realize. And from martial arts, which were the original sports, some understanding comes down to us now-though diluted- in modern sports.

The renowned clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, the so-called “Sleeping Prophet”—

“Sleeping Prophet” whose many consultations are logged at the Institute in Virginia Beach…

made reference to the body armor of the Warriors of Atlantis as being so finely crafted -with the human body and it’s energies in mind- that the precious metals and stones in the body armor could actually accelerate healing in the injured flesh of the warrior.

This too, shows insight into the “Easy Yoke” or way of understanding Wisdom, Philosophia— of applying technology to the body in an intelligent humane way, which reduces strain, enhances health, healing, power and understanding. And the same principle of remarkable- understanding –coming- out- of -war- applies to much of the nearly miraculous crises intervention medicine the Emergency Medical Technicians use today.

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