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The Chiron Text; Additional Studies/Chapter 11; Warmth Study

The Esoterics of Sleep and Rest; The Golden Fleece, “The Lamb of God”; It’s all about being warm! Try being cold and you will understand!

Jason had his task of getting the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece is useful for the healing wounds of all kinds. It is connected to the mysteries of warmth, sleep and hybernation.

the Greek Legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece…

The gold fleece was likely, one of the sheepskins left in a mountain stream-as in the Afghan tradition- to strain out the gold. Sheep skin is very warm and so is sheepskin coated in gold dust. This is a reversal of Philip the Fair’s Templar Torture- rather than bathe in gold dust while others virtuous, are tortured, one sleeps beneath one’s own golden fleece, passive but absorbing the virtue of one’s own contact with higher beings or- the “Subconscious”.

Hercules re-iterated this with the wearing of the Nemean Lion’s skin as Yogis in India continue to do so by sitting on a lion or leopard skin.

The Indian God of Creation and Destruction sitting on his Tiger Skin…

This sleeping under skins is an ether bath in one’s own warmth field with the assistance of an animal skin. A modern and progressive adaptation would be the sprinkling of mohair or soft wool in gold powder and using it (no animal need die) as a wrap when sleeping. This is archetypally connected to the process of the chrysalis that a butterfly goes through.

The wool prayer rug of Islam is also connected to this idea.

Persian Carpet, Magic Carpet, Prayer Rug…where the magic begins…

This deep sleep of comfort is a key to healing on many levels. The body must be free to bathe in its own currents and those of the earth, unhindered by artificial forces. In the butterfly the body dissolves into fluid in the chrysalis. In the human- in sleep, the physical body grows cold and still-like a chrysalis. But the wills stream out of the body to get their food and sustenance. They can also speak with one another inside the body. The so-called “isolation tank” or salt water suspension technique has the same effect. In Hatha Yoga the fish posture

originally used to immerse the head in water breathing through a tube while listening to the heart beat…

submerged the head into water with breathing done through a tube to produce some of the same technique and according to a Yoga teacher I had (Geoghegan) sources the Knights Templars who brought back the isolation box/casket from the Sufis in Egypt who had practiced the technique for many years. This may well have become mixed with Vampire legends and created the tale of how the vampire had to hurry back to his coffin before sun rise.

This also pertains to the significance of warmth in the physical body and the straining out of spiritual or “high virtue” from the fluids passing through the ether body. The warmth or fire produces a deep sleep. This kind of sleep disengages some of the various wills and bodies. The prolonged heat produced when covered with a blanket of any kind, creates an excess of energy, which allows other energies to enter the physical body and restore or transform it. Specific mental training and sound training also assist this (listening to a guided visualization or series of harmonics).

Another way of inducing heat in the physical body is askesis (Greek) or physical exercise which in this context, is a kind of exorcism. It not only builds heat and creates purification of the blood from sweat but also consolidates the wills (exertion) and then separates them (exhaustion). This is the reason behind the sweat lodge and sauna. It was also seen in the ancient Corybatic or healing dances of the Greeks. A fever too can actualize the same potential. It can also signal the first initiation in a new physical or spiritual process. Often sickness presages a breakthrough in one’s interior life. The Greeks call this kind of fever which purges the body and makes way for a spiritual breakthrough “ephemeral” meaning its source is not physical but spiritual.

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