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Study with me in Spain or schedule a private online session.

Email or Skype for more information.


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Tour Dates 2019


Spring – Summer 2019

February- Sorbas, Spain

March – Oslo – 1-15

Davos, Switz. – 16,17

Basel-Zurich 18-21

Tintagel, Cornwall- 22-24

April – Paris

June РBrittany,  France Р29th РJuly 4

Aug 30- September 11 – Oslo

October 3-9 – London

October 10- December 5 – U.S. (Atlanta and New York)









2018 Schedule

January—Lannion,France 20-21

Wisdom of the Body with Dietlinde Kolzer


Oslo, Norway

Wisdom of the Body and Hsing-I with Oyvind Indergaard

March 24,25 Davos, Switzerland

Wisdom of the Body; Working with Grieving with Silvia Bergamin

August 31- September 5 The Lakes (Carnforth) U.K.
Wisdom of the Body and private classes on therapy and martial arts
contact John Bolwell at

September 21-Oct. 3 Zurich
Wisdom of the Body/ Gao Ba-gua/Hsing-I
contact Stefan Marcec at

October 6/7 London
Gao Ba-gua, therapuetic aspects of training, differences between Ba-gua and Tai chi
contact Andrew Hunter

October 16- Nov. 6— U.S. East Coast forming now- with particular interest to workshops
studying the relationship between Okinawan and Chinese martial arts.

contact Rob at

David Daniel at

– Saratoga Springs, NY
contact Tom Schrade

November 6 – 12 Spain
(if you want to meet for training round Sorbas contact me

Nov.12 -26 Zurich
all phases of Gao Ba-gua



Workshop contacts by Country


Wisdom of the Body and Ba-gua
Paris-Maison du Tai chi-contact Luce Condamine


Wisdom of the Body, Ba-gua and Aikido Relations
Belgium-work with Sebastian Place


The Amazon Dance as Initiation
Davos, Switzerland-contact Silvia Bergamin

Miscellaneous Studies on Wisdom of the Body
Basel, Switz.- contact John Krebs

Gao Ba-gua Initiate Level Studies/Wisdom of the Body

Zurich – contact Stephan Marcec


Tactical Internal Martial Arts/Wisdom of the Body
London, UK-contact Andrew Hunter


Psychotherapy and Wisdom of the Body/Hsing-I
Oslo, Norway – contact Oyvind Indergaard