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Chiron Text Chapter 1; Mars-Power of Intent

Chapter 1; Mars– Will Power

Physical Exercise-“Askesis” or “Practice/Training”

In Sanskrit the word “Gutarsta”is used to describe a kind of Yoga in which the physical body is the primary tool. I first came across the term in Theos Bernard’s “Hatha Yoga”, later one of my own yoga teachers, Tim Geoghegan made clear to me it’s importance. In various Yogas Systems world wide, physical postures are used to prepare and purify the body, its organs and fine vessels called nadis and/or the chakras or energy portals located along the spine. Physiologists, particularly Dr. Rammurti Mishra, in his “Essentials of Yoga” have corresponded these chakras as identical to locations of certain nerve ganglion along the spine. So most physical Yogas like the Hatha Yoga postures many of us are familiar with, are usually seen as a preliminary exercise to a much deeper spiritual process which occurs through mental exercises done in meditation. In the idea of Gutarsta Yoga we have the concept that the training and experiences encountered in the body itself can be used as a complete path to enlightenment. I was taught that a good example of Gutarsta was the arduous physical training of Indian Wrestlers. Here physical prowess and strength is connected to a spiritual path a state of mind and the community. Joseph Alter’s “Wrestlers Body” depicts this well. This can also be seen in some of the older martial arts world- wide and I have found it helpful to organize all physical training-both the health oriented- Yogic and self defense oriented- Martial- with this view in mind. Making a direct connection between belief and body affirms the life and lively hood, both of which are linked to all physical labor and arts and crafts. And this approach remains relevant today, unlike many of the highly specialized Yoga and Martial systems which are too heavily encultured to be directly relevant today. In my own life I have found it is important not to get distracted by the details from a culture when it actually obscures the truth rather than sheds light on it.

During my research I came across other lesser known Yogas which were more compatible with this idea of “Gutarsta”. They were also simpler and more effective both physically and psychologically than those I was exposed to from Indian and Chinese tradition. I found these Yogas came from Persia and probably originated in Egypt. They are exemplary of the primitive source Yogas for much of what was later spread in history across Asia. In fact these Yogas due to their simplicity can be used to explicate many cultural varieties of Shamanism through color, breath and their symbols. Evidence suggests these Yogas were carried by the Scythian culture as far back as 1180 b.c.e. from Persia toward the Caucasoid Mountain range. Supporting this view are the burial mounds of the Scythians which have yielded archeological information (see Renate Rolle’s “The Scythians” and “From Scythia to Camelot” by Malcor and ________). These texts, when coupled with the descriptions in texts given by Idries Shah, G.I. Gurdjieff, Colonna Walewski, Ottoman Hanish, Murat Yagin and Charles Muses all support the idea of a source of both ancient yoga and dance at a kind of Monastic Retreat or Village Compound, known as the Sarmoun Monastery. I link the word “Sarmoun” to the horse culture called “Sarmatian” which eventually conquered the Scythians around 600-550 b.c.e. Herodotus called them the “Sauromatae”. They appear to be the predessors of who became known as the Sarmatians. It was the Armenian mystic Gurdjieff who said some of his teaching was from “The Sarmoun Brotherhood.” According to Charles Muses (in a personal correspondence) it was the “same secret brotherhood” who taught Gurdjieff and later Stefan Walewski and Ottoman Hanish, the latter two brought these specific Yogas into Western Europe and eventually into the U.S. Hanish started an organization called the Mazdaen Temple in the early 1900’s. Since his death it has become franchised by some enterprising individuals and there was a web site the last time I checked. Walewski’s personal text of these Yogas was called “Caucasoid Yoga”. It was passed to Charles Muses who then passed it on to Borderland Science who still sells photocopies. Gurdjieff brought approximately fifty Sacred Dances into Europe with him and they duplicate some of the same postures and come from the same regions. The works of these men appear to me to be representative of the teachings of the Sarmoun Brotherhood. I believe they are also representative of the Sarmatian Yoga/Physical Culture which was preserved in the Caucasoid mountains. These yoga exercises, because of their sources, elemental structure and philosophy form the core of what could safely be called “The Scythian Way” or more accurately “The Sarmatian Way”. The word Sarmatia or Sarman all pertain to Sauron or the meaning “reptilian” or “scaly” and refers both to the scale armor they wore and their own ancient myth that they came from the marriage of Hercules with a Serpent woman.

In light of this information I came across the Austro-Hungarian Genius of the last century- Rudolph Steiner (18—1925)who made some very interesting statements about one “Scythianos” the prophet of the Scythian culture, a high “Adept” who stands between and communes in the spiritual world with Christian Rosenkruz (Esoteric Christianity) and Gautama Buddha (Esoteric Buddhism). It is the Prophet of the Scythians, says Steiner, who understands the mysteries of the physical body and so the Resurrection Body. What intrigued me about this figure was that he represented a bridge between Christian and Buddhist teaching — particularly the esoteric aspect.
It is with the intent of trying to get a clear picture of the teaching and personality of Scythianos that I have tracked down and assembled what seem to me to be the most practical and essential physical yogas and martial arts techniques which remain to this day educational, useful and even essential. All of this to simply say, this text is for the people who do not want to waste time and energy on Baroque teaching often characteristic of an encultured tradition, which is often either inefficient in technique or pedagogy.
A Practical Exercises from Count Waleski’s notes on Caucasoid Yoga;
Learn to open the left nostril fully, in order to breathe with the psychology of a poet, by laying on the right side with the head propped up by the right hand which is on the temple, thumb behind the hole under the ear. Experiment for several minutes.
Change sides and learn to breathe with the right nostril and psychology of the warrior. The nostril opens in about 3 minutes. One can get the ability to change the nostrils at will eventually or balance the breath in each.
This exercise is used to develop the ability to witness oneself or check ones own moods. After all one’s mood affects everything one does. There is also some strictly scientific evidence which indicates one’s moods actually attract one’s future. If true then you yourself are both magnet and creator of your environment and future. This is the core philosophy which emanates from the Sarmoun.

Primary Arcanes of Count Stefan Colonna Walewski†

1st Arcane
Stand. Fix eyes on horizon point. Preferably the Sun. Set mind on Gaya Lhama (the spirit of the planet).

Exhale all stale residual air. (Should do this to begin each arcane).

For each visualization in the table above, fix the mind on the indicated body parts while performing the traditional breathing pattern. Imagine as you inhale pulling particles of the appropriate color from the atmosphere or sun light.

Because the earth has increased it’s Schumann frequency from 7.0 closer 8.3 I recommend working with an 8:1:8 ratio rather than the traditional 7:1:7. You can begin with the 7 and stretch to 8 later if it’s too much initially …

2nd Arcane
Same as above, but find open nostril-put that foot forward. Rise on toes on inhale. lower on exhale. All same as before. This for clairaudience.
3rd Arcane
As before sitting in chair.. On inhale bow trunk-short ribs aim for thighs. Look at point between feet. On exhale raise trunk and let vision extend to the horizon. This is for judgement—”Solomon Posture”
4th Arcane
Standing. Feet about 18″ apart. Find open nostril. That side active first. Raise hand out in front of eyes. As you inhale on red – wave hand in front of eyes by pulling air into eye then let hand down and do again. Strobes light. 7 sec = seven waves on inhale. Drop arm and rest 1 sec. Seven sec exhale do wave 7 times again. Drop arm.

This done twice. Then 7 sec inhale raise same arm and fist straight overhead and tighten it hardily. Pause 1 sec. Then bend from hips and waist and swing arm down to floor to punch a pillow-exhale sharply on impact but continue exhaling for full 7 sec as you regain upright torso.

Then do other side.
Then go to Yellow do each side.
Then Blue each side.
Then White each side.

This teaches to store and discharge electrical and magnetic force in nerves.
5th Arcane
This also is done standing as before. Fix eyes on point. Relax. Raise arms behind self and up over head like stretching and yawning in morning only no yawn. End with arms straight out in front like Frankenstein. But hands droop like “dog paddling” in swimming pool. Arms tense.

Inhale on Red 7 sec hold one
Exhale 7 sec and let hands come in to rest on chest as though you have heard something sad or “who me?” position.
Drop hands pause one second.
Do again.

Then inhale 7 sec and flex elbows out like baby bird. Slowly raise arms out to side like eagle opening wings to soar. Fingers and hands still droop. Hold one second. Exhale let arms come down same as they went out.

Do these three movements for each color.

On last movement on white do not let arms come down from wing position rather bring them out in front of chest fingers facing but not touching. Then exhale sharply and bow trunk from hips – flinging arms down between legs and exhaling “huhhh” audibly….

This one for powers of attraction and repulsion-connected to levitation and gravitation.
6th Arcane
On knees. Hold chair or two sticks in front. Like praying. Actually is praying of very ancient type. Put pillows around in case you fall down or faint. No kidding. If you start to black out – stop. If knees start to leave ground – stop.

Fix eyes on point and sob in 7 breaths like stair step-each breath greater than last. Sounds emotional. (It is crying for the earth. Elemental spirits prick ears when they hear this.) Hold seven seconds. Contract anus push diaphragm down like using the bathroom. Let eyes roll around point of focus. Draw star or geometric shape on point of focus with ray from eyes. Exhale seven seconds audibly sighing through nose. Keep holding chair/sticks but relax muscles and droop body. Get into it. Exhale a little extra maybe 2-3 seconds to clear out residual air.

Do eight breaths.
You may feel nauseous at end. Must sit on floor for about 3-4 minutes until aura is reconfigured.

This blasts your auras out into nature and resonates it with the elemental spirits of the earth. Puts you in rapport with them. R. Steiner said all beings enjoy being appreciated. This exercise puts you in sympathy with them. Do not do #6 if power equipment like noisey jack hammers, bulldozers etc. are within the equivalent of one city block. During this exercise the body becomes super-sensitive to sound.

† Early 1900’s from Caucasoid Mountain Region. Probably originating in Atlantis and being transferred successively from Atlantis to Egypt to Persia thence to Caucasoid region. Similar exercises probably in Carpathian Mountains too.

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